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Our mission is to establish a bamboo industry in Australia that complements traditional timber production. We aim to bring added benefits, such as mitigating erosion, rejuvenating soil and waterways, and bolstering rural economies with a sustainable supply.

Australian Bamboo Plantations offers specialist consultancy in the growing and management of bamboo plantations in Australia and South East Asia.
With a combined 60 years experience, our business is driven by the belief bamboo can change the world.

How do we find creative ways to use bamboo, explore its varied possibilities, change its perception as a poor man’s material & showcase its advantages and technology relevant to contemporary life?

Kan Ming-ua
National Organizing Committee Chair
World Bamboo Congress


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Expert advice on bamboo plantations, harvesting, life cycle and more.

In the Philippine creation story, the first man Malakas (Strong One) and the first woman Maganda (Beautiful One) emerged from the two halves of a bamboo tree. It is one of many Asian origin myths that features bamboo—a plant that human beings have cultivated for more than a thousand uses, from buildings to food to paper.
Australia’s future lies in establishing a bamboo industry, both for landscape restoration and the creation of manufacturing industries.

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